Time Capsule Data Recovery

time capsule from Apple is the backup technology that all Apple users had been waiting for, a simple, network attached storage technology that integrates perfectly with Mac OS X Leopard’s Time Machine backup software.440x330-timecapsule

Increasingly ReMac are being asked about recovery from these devices, is it possible, what can be recovered etc. As the Time Capsule is a HFS + formatted NAS hard drive, it has been a fairly simple task for us to adapt our industry leading Mac Data Recovery know how to the recovery of this device

ReMac are pleased to announce that our Time Machine recovery service has now been officially launched enabling us to offer support for both Apple’s Time Capsule and any external hard drive that has been used to store OS X’s Time Machine backup files. Our new service includes:

  • Quick erase Time Capsule Data Recovery
  • Corrupt Time Machine backup files
  • Missing or damaged Time Machine backups
  • Clicking Hard Drive recovery
  • External Hard Drive Data Recovery

There are many other instances in which ReMac can help you to recover your lost data, so if you do not see your problem listed above feel free to get in touch, an engineer will be on hand to deal with your enquiry.

Regardless of the reason for losing your Time Machine backup data ReMac can help to recover your lost files quickly and efficiently. Once recovered your data can normally be transferred to another media such as CD or DVD, or even another hard disk drive if required.

For more information or for a free no obligation data recovery quotation contact ReMac now by telephone on 0845 224 1592 or by using our online contact form.