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MacBook Pro Data Recovery

Monday, January 5th, 2009

MacBook Pro Data Recovery Services

Apple transitioned their notebook computer line to Intel processors in January 2006, with this came not only a change in architecture but a change in name from PowerBook to MacBook.

apple-laptopEver since the MacBook Pro came to be, ReMac’s engineers have been adapting their Mac Data Recovery techniques to Apple’s changing hardware line.  We now have full support for all MacBook Pro models.
ReMac currently support recovery of both the 15” and 17” MacBook Pros as well as Apple’s entire current product line.  Our services can help you to recover from the following machines:

  • The Original Core Duo MacBook Pro
  • The Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro
  • The LED Backlit MacBook Pro released in 2007
  • The latest Unibody MacBook Pro notebooks

If you have lost data through accidentally deleting folders, emptying the trash by mistake, or even if your hard drive has failed, suffered an impact or been subject to fire or flood damage, ReMac can recover your lost data, quickly and with the minimum of fuss.  We have even been able to fully recover MacBooks and MacBook Pros with the now infamous Seagate Momentus laptop hard disk with the 7.01 firmware version.
We also offer hard disk drive and laptop data recovery from other Apple laptop computers, including:

  • The MacBook consumer notebook line
  • The MacBook Air with a Hard Disk Drive or SSD drive
  • The Apple PowerBook line
  • All Apple iBook computers

And if Apple releases a new addition to their portable computer line you can be assured that ReMac will follow straight behind with a custom recovery solution!

For a free quotation for recovery of your lost MacBook Pro Data contact ReMac now for a free, no obligation consultation, our engineers are on hand from 9am until 10pm to answer any questions you may have about your data loss.  Call us now on 0845 224 1592 or use our online contact form.

Time Machine and Capsule Recovery Service Launched

Monday, January 5th, 2009

Time Capsule Data Recovery Services

440x330-timecapsuleReMac’s Time Capsule and Time Machine backup services have been tried, tested and are now live and ready.

You can read more about our recovery services for Apple’s backup system at the following link:

Time Capsule Data Recovery

Whether the device has been quick erased, the hard drive has failed or there is some other problem with your Time Capsule or external hard drive the link above can help.

The addition of this service proves ReMac’s ongoing commitment to data recovery from Mac systems and Apple hardware.  If you are a UK based Mac user and have stumbled upon our site, why not bookmark us, as you never know when we might be needed!

If you want to know about this or any of our growing list of data recovery services, contact ReMac now for free advice and quotations.  As the only dedicated Apple Mac Data Recovery service in the UK that actually employs Mac experts, your data is in safe hands with ReMac.