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ReMac Recover Deleted Data From X-Serve

Monday, April 27th, 2009

ReMac has recently recovered deleted student data for a sixth form college in Surrey. The deleted illustrator and photoshop files were deleted in the knowledge that the data was backed up onsite. Unfortunately the recent backup had experienced errors and 30GB of student work was lost.

ReMac received a call from the college on Thursday evening following the events of the day with 1 question in mind, can the data be recovered? In many cases ReMac is able to recover deleted data and reassured the college a successful recovery should be achieved.

ReMac collected the X-Serve the same day free of charge and was delivered to our specialist lab facility the following morning. Upon receipt of the X-Serve we made an identical copy (forensic clone) of the hard disk drives to prevent any changes to the original media. Using custom advanced recovery tools ReMac successful recovered the deleted data the same day and returned the recovered data ready for the students return of Monday morning.

The college representative was relieved to hear that ReMac had recovered 100% of the deleted data using our advanced recovery tools. They were suprised to hear the data was successfully recovered as previous attempts were made using ‘off the shelf recovery tools’ to no avail. ReMac do not recommend using free or cheap data recovery software if you wish to recover valuable data.

The college invested in a backup solution following the recovery to prevent necessity for data recovery in the future. For further information about ReMac’s offsite backup solutions please see our Data Backup page.

ReMac provide expert recovery of deleted data from MacBook, PowerMac/iMac, X-Serve/X-RAID, iPhone, iPod and many other Mac products. If you’ve accidentally deleted data from you Mac, contact us on 0845 224 1592 or use our contact form.

1st Gen Iphone Recovery

Sunday, December 14th, 2008

1st Generation iPhone Data Recovery is Not Currently Offered by ReMac

**iPhone Data Recovery is not currently being offered by ReMac, check back soon for an update on when it will be available again**

Lost data on your first generation iPhone?  No need to worry as ReMac the Mac Recovery experts are now fully able to recover all of your lost data, with the minimum of cost, quickly and efficiently.  This means that your data and your phone handset can normally be recovered and returned to you in two days.

ReMac support data recovery from both the 4GB and 8GB versions of the iPhone and can achieve full recovery of your data without having to dismantle the device or use any methods that may invalidate or compromise your warranty.

Our iPhone Recovery service can:

Recover lost emails, contacts an appointments
Recover lost Photographs and images
Recover lost music and album artwork
Recover deleted SMS text messages

In fact if you have been able to store any type of data on the iPhone, we can successfully recover it.

ReMac are also fully able to recover lost or damaged iPhone sync backups from your computer whether you are using a Mac or a Windows PC.

All firmware iPhone Firmware versions are supported from the earliest 1.0 through to the very latest 2.2 firmware release.

If you would like to learn more about how ReMac can help you to successfully recover your lost iPod Touch data contact us now on 0845 224 1592 or alternatively use our Contact Form.

ReMac also offer recovery of Apple’s other mobile handheld devices:

iPhone 3G Data Recovery
iPod Touch Data Recovery