The Mac Lab

Hard drives are precise electronic devices; as such they are sensitive to any number of external influences from airborne static electricity to the particles present in our homes and indeed the data recovery lab.

In order that we provide you with the best possible chances of data recovery Recover My Mac have invested heavily in a static safe environment that reaches (and has been certified to exceed) ISO 3 levels of filtration. ISO 3 is the European standard that relates most closely to (whilst exceeding) the old Class 100 standard by which most data recovery companies advertise their services.

Our laboratory facility also boasts:

A self-contained, ISO 3 Clean Room environment. Here we have implemented a two stage filtration system filtering the air that comes into the room to ISO 3 standards and further protecting the working area by again providing ISO 3 standard HEPA filters giving a clean, particle free positive pressure over the entire working surface.

  • Electrostatic dissipative flooring throughout the electronics lab
  • Electrostatic dissipative tools and equipment
  • Fully qualified electronic engineers
  • A huge stock of new and salvaged Apple compatible hard disk drives
  • Apple hardware of all generations including many PowerPC and the latest Intel Models
  • Macintosh certified technicians
  • State of the art data recovery tools, including hard disk drive imagers and duplicators

Choose carefully when looking for a data recovery company in whom to place your trust, for more information about our recovery facilities, our staff or the data recovery options available to you, contact us or call 0845 224 1592